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True, Chinese, Indians, and Koreans are killing it with their high Quant scores. But when it comes to Verbal, a meager 155-160.


True, Chinese, Indians, and Koreans are killing it with their high Quant scores. But when it comes to Verbal, a meager 155-160.


165 V in that situation is an anomaly, an aberration from the norm, something unexpected.


I am Ali Tariq. 

I am a perfect scorer in GRE, SAT and 740,760,790 on GMAT.

I am the ONLY GRE & GMAT Instructor from Pakistan to be featured as Expert at the world’s largest GMAT & GRE communities called BeatTheGMAT and GMATClub.

Also, I work as Chief Curriculum Developer for the BeatTheGMAT and enjoyed the privilege to design the verbal content for Veritas Prep with my other BTG Expert Instructors.


What does all this mean to you?


See I don’t like talking about my achievements.My purpose is to help you with your GRE; help you get 330 in your first attempt; and help take the beast called GRE so much so that you reach the level of Absolute Master in as little time as possible.

Since you are reading this, I assume you are really passionate about your career and as far as GRE preparation is concerned, you can tolerate no B.S.

That’s good because here you’ll find B.S NOT!


Before YOU read any further:

I want YOU to assimilate this fact absolutely that NOT EVERYONE can take this GRE course.Though I would love to help as many GRE aspirants score 330 as possible, I can’t allow everyone to take my GRE classes.


There are certain prerequisites you should keep in mind if you want to join my GRE course:

Requirement #1: Your target score should be 330

You can get Fulbright even with 315. But with this score, you get into a $h^tty program. Just because of you getting admits from Stanford doesn’t mean that the offered program is really worth it.

And no doubt, GRE is not the sole determiner in your application.But you cannot dispute the fact that higher you score, more easily you can demonstrate the school committees your level of commitment to the task.

So, I recommend you to join my GRE classes with mind-set of scoring no less than 330.

If you are not ready for this score, then I and my team are not the right GRE mentors for you.

Requirement #2:You have to give adequate time to Reading Comprehension.

I know you suck at RC. I know it even before meeting you. And I also know that you can get 100% accuracy in RC, also even before meeting you.

How can I claim this so confidently?

See I have been in the test-prep industry for the last 10 years.

I joined BeatTheGMAT, after scoring 760 on the GMAT, as Global Expert for Verbal section.

I know inside out:

  1. How test-makers introduce traps in RC;
  2. How the incorrect answer choices are made more attractive,
  3. Which passage areas always generate questions,
  4. Which answers you must have answered even before you look at the questions,
  5. Even which type of an incorrect answer choice is normally placed exactly before the correct answer choice. And if this particular answer choice shows up, how important is to resist the urge to mark it. It’s critically important to hold yourself back at certain times.

I will have to make all this and more part of YOUR nervous system, YOUR Subconscious.

Unless all this is hardwired in your brain, you won’t be at the RC Mastery level.

And if you are not at that level, 165-167 in GRE Verbal is IMPOSSIBLE.

Harsh but TRUE!

Frequently Asked Questions

YOU: How is this GRE course really different from other GRE courses?

  • Other GRE-prep companies(in Pakistan or online companies like Manhattan or Magoosh) offer training only in 290-315 level range—be it competence, content, class, candor, or conviction—their training falls absolutely short of the rigor required for 330-340 range.
  • We believe that GRE’s Official Guides cater to 310-315level. The questions are good but extremely easy. They are just not enough to make it to 330-340 range.
  • 330-340 range is a completely different ball game. Further, there is a complete scarcity of Official Questions published by ETS. And 330-340 range level questions are even fewer. Unless and until, you supplement your practice material intelligently and strategically, you just won’t have enough material to master the concept and test yourself on really difficult questions.
  • And unfortunately the result: you’ll lull into the false sense of security testing yourself on questions that are not at 330-340 range.
  • We strongly believe that the GRE should NOT be considered an Adaptive Test but rather a linear test. A million problems can be kissed away with just a small mindset-shift.
  • TIME is of utmost essence in GRE. When writing the test, you have a race against time. Students believe that there are questions in GRE which are time suckers; we, however, strongly believe that there are no time-sucker questions on the GRE, only suckers who fall for them. If you have the right approach, every Quant problem on the real-GRE can be solved in less than 30 seconds. And if you find yourself taking more than 90 seconds on a particular problem, the question is not tough; your approach is definitely WRONG.
  • A lot of students are made to believe that studying for the GRE means spending 90% of their preparation time on Vocabulary … nothing could be a bigger disservice to yourself.Vocabulary is extremely crucial, but not at the cost of Reading Comprehension (RC).The most crucial area for the GRE is RC, which is given the least attention by students and faculty alike.
  • If your RC accuracy is not near 100% under time constraints in the 4th hour on the test (when your concentration is likely to be at its weakest), you will not cross the coveted 330 mark.RC is the most crucial test area and the one woefully neglected by everyone. And cost, therefore, is humongous.
  • If you don’t do well on a specific RC passage, you are likely to get 3-4 associated questions wrong. That itself is a huge loss; probably the biggest loss while writing the test. And on the flip side, if you have done RC the way it should be done, on the test day, RC feels like a whiff of a fresh air. And it becomes as easy as walk in the park—again even at the fourth hour of the test, when your focus is weakest and you are short on sitting stamina and the test has totally unnerved you. But please keep this thing in mind that it takes time, patience, and guided effort to be at that level. And if you follow what we tell you to without cutting corners, you’ll reach there fast.
  • If you want to beat an enemy, you have to think like that enemy. This is crucial aspect of beating the GRE itself. At my GRE course, you get to know the Test-Maker’s perspective as opposed to the Test-Taker’s perspective. Look, every difficult problem on the real GRE (at the highest level) is made in such a way that wrong answers seem more attractive than the right answer. The test-makers know exactly how an average human brain thinks and falls for traps. Training for such traps constitutes more than 50% of our training.
  • We strongly believe that the GRE is not a test of Math or English; it is a test of reading with accuracy and reasoning with logic. Quite often, people who are exceptionally good at English don’t manage a high Verbal Score and people who are exceptionally good at Math fail to live up to their potential on the Quant Section. Reasoning and reading closely are two very important skills for GRE and GMAT. There is a reason that Math on GRE is called Quantitative Reasoning and English is called Verbal Reasoning. In short, Quant is not same as Math, and Verbal is not same as English. There is a fine layer of Logic on top of questions as asked by GRE, and that layer has it’s own dynamics, subtleties, and peculiarities which made up the personality of GRE itself. Unless you understand the personality of this test, you can hardly wish to beat this test.
  • This GRE course, I completely believe, is jam-packed with value. If you attend a 2-hour class, you will find value in each of the 120 minutes. You will not feel that even 10 minutes were spent discussing something that you could have managed yourself OR that you knew in advance OR that didn’t add any value.
  • We wouldn’t want to hear any excuses. If you come to the classes unprepared or without finishing your homework, you will have an extremely frustrating experience. BUT if you are the serious GRE contender, you can’t find a better course anywhere on this planet.
  • Special techniques and strategies for each of the subject areas. No other institute in the world has such effective strategies to crack each of the test areas.  I, along with my team, have cracked this test multiple times. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Learn from those who have seen it all and done it all and who have been in the trenches multiple times.
  • Each of the GRE areas will be covered in detail –
  • Verbal: Reading Comprehension (RC),Text Completion (Single Blank, Double Blank, Triple Blank) Argument passages, Sentence Equivalence (SE), Vocabulary.
  • Quantitative: Quantitative Comparison (QC), Problem Solving (PS), Data Interpretation.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA – Analysis of an Argument/ Issue)- in detail.
  • Every batch will be demanding at least 3 months of serious dedication from your side. Each of these classes will be homework driven. We focus exclusively on top scores – the 99th percentile range (330-340 range). To this effect, our classes demand an unparalleled seriousness from your side. Our classes are very intensive and rigorous and demand an effort of at least 20 hours per week (on average, at least 3 hours per day, assuming you are working). If you are not working (or are on a break), we want you to put in 8-10 hours every day.
  • After your classes are over: You will need to follow an assisted-self-study-plan to reach the level of finesse and perfection required for a score in 330-340 range. We will share this plan with the material once your classes are over. This assisted-plan takes 20-30 days assuming you study 4 hours each day.
  • You will get all the content/material: Basic and Advanced Concepts including concept books, classroom content – including the latest 330-340 level questions, elementary practice, advanced practice, 330-340 level question bank, the latest collection of questions from the real GRE, and Computer-based Test Series, etc. All the content related to the GRE around the world will be extended to you in soft copy. There is not a single resource on the GRE that you will not have access to. All this material has to be approached in a highly methodical manner or else you’ll get overwhelmed. We’ll keep guiding you through all the phases of your preparation journey.
  • You will get all kinds of personal support: counseling, doubt-clearing, repeat classes, backup for missed classes, and admission counseling (Grad-School Admissions Process Guidance).
  • Most important: the right mental training for the right execution … the most critical part of this training.
  • You will get all material (Concepts, Theory, Practice, Test Series, and Extra Help, etc.) from our side. You are not supposed to refer to anything else at all.

If you need some special material (such as help from absolute basics in Math or some challenging practice content in any area), please ask us. We will provide you with all such content. Don’t study anything else at all.

Please solve our GRE MASTERY Challenge (30 questions) on our website before you come for our classes.

Expectations from YOU

  • Results come only when you put in the effort.Our training program works only if you work.

No MAGIC MANTRAS, No SILVER BULLETS– You have to put in a lot of hard work.


  • We are committed to a ≥330 score in GRE for you. ARE YOU COMMITTED ENOUGH? If your level of commitment is for a 300-310 score, there is going to be only frustration.
  • Keep pace with the classes – no backlogs.
  • The course is homework-driven. Do all homework in time – there is no exception to this condition.
  • Understand the nature of the test and study accordingly, e.g., GRE is conducted on computer screen. Studying on the computer screen is better than studying on paper.
  • Do all the material as and when suggested. Don’t read any extra material unless suggested by us.

This course is not for you if:

  • You are not serious about your efforts OR if you look for a quick-fix. We don’t have silver bullets. NOBODY has. You have to put in the effort. There is NO exception to it.
  • You don’t want to do the homework before the classes. There is no excuse for not finishing the homework … we wouldn’t want to hear any excuses: Work pressure, project, deadline, submission, release, travel, etc. PLEASE DON’T JOIN if you are not ready to do the requisite homework.
  • You are addicted to studying on paper. As per the exam requirement, you have to study on a computer

Core Values!

  • We are the best-in-class—excellence defines us! Be assured of an absolutely world-class training here.
  • Every faculty member here (or ever joining us in future) must have scored a 99th percentile score on the real GRE. NOBODY ELSE— this is a guarantee—NOBODY ELSE can satisfy this requirement anywhere else in Pakistan.
  • No false hopes—your results are commensurate with your efforts. Our efforts are the same for each student. If you don’t put in the effort, we cannot do anything for you.
  • There is only one objective—to help you improve your score on the GRE—we always go that extra mile. The same is expected of you—be absolutely committed—do whatever is asked of you.
  • One of the biggest differentiators here is the CONTENT—we have handpicked all the latest, most relevant, and absolutely cutting-edge content—the most important ingredient in your success. Make sure you finish all that is asked of you.
  • We know for a fact that our methods work phenomenally well but that for a non-serious student, we are not the right training partners.

Success Ingredients on the GRE

  • Conviction … the belief that you can get a 99th percentile score in your first GRE attempt.
  • Commitment and no dithering… fight to the finish no matter what … don’t leave it in between.
  • Consistency in YOUR GRE preparation… daily input rather than bouts/bursts of preparation. At times strategic breaks are also important to avoid burnout.
  • GRE Concept mastery

… To such an extent that practicing further doesn’t improve you

… To the extent that you know for sure that you are right before checking the answer

… To the extent that you will NOT get even one answer wrong.

  • GRE Content mastery… not mindless finishing

… Practice with the right content

… No mindless practice … practice / fix / practice / fix / practice / fix … the ideal pattern. Got the question wrong? Analyze and fix.

… No irrelevant content

… Test maker’s perspective (psychometrician … how to make the wrong choice seem more attractive than the right choice) / Traps

… Pattern-based preparation

… Quality over quantity. A lot of analysis and deliberation on each question

… Must not check the solution to any problem unless you completely give up. When you believe: “Even if I have one more hour to solve this question, I won’t be able to solve it.” … then it is the right time to refer to the solutions.

… The idea of this GRE preparation course is to fix your weaknesses, not celebrate your strengths.

GRE Test Day Execution

  • Adaptive nature of the test … it is a disaster if this thought keeps playing on your mind.
  • Nerves … if you are the one who freaks out at the thought of an aptitude test, you need to train your mind.
  • NO guessing whether a section is experimental or real
  • Mind-game … the exam is out to play a serious mind-game with you. It is your job to defeat its intention.
  • Ensure good sleep the night before the test=
  • Ensure that your routine/habits are not disrupted

The focus of this course is YOUR SUCCESS. AND YOU can get 330 with us provided YOU are as serious about YOUR success as are we.

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